My latest book,

Beyond Confrontation: Globalists, Nationalists and Their Discontents

was published by Emerald Publishing in August 2020.

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Reactions to the coronavirus pandemic have escalated the pre-existing tensions between the US and China and between different Western nations. Confrontations between political globalists and mercantilist nationalists—between supporters of the rules-based international order and proponents of overt protectionism—are fuelling ever-stronger international resentments.

Coupling argumentative rigour with a pragmatic, plainspoken approach, Phil Mullan charts out a novel, democratic way that moves away from dangerous and self-defeating confrontations towards a future of open international collaboration based on popular participation within nation states. With its clear-eyed assessment of the opportunities and challenges of a more interconnected world—an assessment in which the economic internationalisation underpinning globalisation theories is neither romanticised nor vilified—Beyond Confrontation sets a judicious tone for the big geopolitical themes of our times.


“Mullan, an economic consultant, stresses that internationalism must be rooted in thriving and stable states. That is because the latter alone possess political legitimacy. The book largely defines itself in opposition to what it calls ‘globalism’, which is, in my view, largely a straw man. Nevertheless, I hope Mullan is right in insisting that ‘We can have a genuinely internationalist, sovereign, national democracy’, as this is the only sort of internationalism the world is at all likely to have, at least in the near future.” (Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator, Financial Times)

Beyond Confrontation comes at a time of maximum potential confrontation that has been made even more critical by the arrival of Covid-19. Essential reading for every political leader.” (Brian Caplen, Editor, The Banker)

“A fresh perspective on renewed international political and economic tensions. Accessible for the general reader as well as academics and students.” (Vanessa Pupavac, University of Nottingham)

“Mullan’s democratic internationalism offers a pragmatic solution for international collaboration in the post-coronavirus economy.” (Salvatore Babones, Associate Professor, University of Sydney)

“Mullan’s book is a road-map to the future, a calm reminder to scholars of international relations and practitioners alike that what continues to drive world affairs is the relationship between nations that are both sovereign and democratic.” (Professor Bill Durodie, Chair of International Relations, University of Bath)

“What marks out Mullan’s contribution … is a demystifying historical analysis which identifies the underlying sources of conflict, and offers an optimistic and forward-looking vision.” (Professor Philip Hammond, London South Bank University, published in the Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences)

The book can be ordered from Emerald or Amazon.