The Imaginary Time Bomb

The Imaginary Time Bomb: Why an Ageing Population is Not a Social Problem by Phil Mullan

Publisher: I.B.Tauris
First published 1999
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The Imaginary Time Bomb diffuses the myth that the aging baby-boomer population is producing a downward economic spiral. Phil Mullan argues that the growing preoccupation with aging has little to do with demography, but is instead used to justify future reductions in the role of government in the economy, and the curbing of the welfare state.

What people have said about The Imaginary Time Bomb:

Panic-stricken projections in the US have forecast that every dollar of federal revenue could end up going into health care and pensions as the population grows grayer…Mullan lobs a timely grenade into this unlovely consensus.” -The Independent

This book is highly opportune. It brushes away the unscientific assumptions that are dictating pension policy today.” -Sunday Times (UK)

This is a must-read book.” -The Actuary

A brave and original approach toward an issue that is typically so often mystified.” -Frank Furedi, University of Kent