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Phil Mullan is a writer and business manager, who researches, writes and lectures on economic, demographic and business issues.

His latest book Beyond Confrontation: Globalists, Nationalists and Their Discontents published in August 2020 addresses the crumbling of the post-1945 world order and the expansion of international rivalries.

Currently working independently, in 2014 Mullan completed eight years in senior management roles with Easynet Global Services, an international communications services company. Previously he had been chief executive of the internet services and training company Cybercafé Ltd.

The ideas in his 2017 book, Creative Destruction, were inspired by his political engagement since the 1970s, and by his business experiences in the internet and telecommunications industries over the past two decades. These gave him convenient vantage points for viewing three big financial crises during those 20 years. First, in 1996 and 1997 he was rolling out the Cyberia internet cafe franchise in Bangkok and in Manila, allowing him to appreciate the effects of the Asian financial crisis at first hand. A couple of years later he worked through the dot.com boom and bust, still with Cyberia, and also as a board member of the communication services company Easynet. Both businesses were operating at the frontier of the information and communications revolution. By the time of the financial crash of 2008 he was one of Easynet Global Services’s managing directors, running its UK business during those turbulent times.