Who will save Britain from its never-ending slump?

The huge hole at the centre of the Autumn Budget goes beyond any of the fiscal measures announced. The substance of the statement made clear that this government’s bold talk about economic renewal does not translate into a serious pro-growth plan that might address the fundamental challenges of low investment and poor productivity.

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One thought on “Who will save Britain from its never-ending slump?

  1. Productivity growth will never happen until all ‘climate’ and anti-CO2 legislation is repealed and the UK starts fracking, coal mining and bringing up all its oil and natural gas resources under land and sea. When entrepreneurs can start to use cheap energy again, then and only then, will we get productivity growth. Till then, the UK remains in debt and zombified and people will suffer inflation and rising prices. All political parties and much of the UK voting public stupidly support the Deep Green de-growth and humanity-hating ‘decarbonisation’ energy policy – so there isn’t much hope. It’s a shame that otherwise enlightened media and blogs don’t write about this, seemingly accepting of the Deep Green lie that minute quantities of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emitted by our economic, transport, agricultural and domestic processes cause a ‘climate emergency.’ Brainwashed by totalitarians, we vote for fools. So we suffer.

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